How to Verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate is genuine or fake?

Verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in seconds with these simple steps. You can easily do the verification of your or other people’s COVID-19 Vaccine certificate. To verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate just follow the below steps. If you can’t verify your certificate for these following errors like Camera is not able to read the QR code or Invalid Certificate then read this article very carefully. Here in this article, you will get all of these questions answers and you can fix the errors easily.

In the previous article, we knew that How to Download the COVID-19 vaccination Certificate? Now we are going to learn how to verify the Cowin certificate via the certificate’s barcode. Also, we will discuss what if you can’t scan the Vaccine Certificate barcode. What is offline verification of the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate?

Verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

  1. Click here to open verify page
  2. Tap on Scan QR code button
  3. If asking for allowing camera permission click allow or grant the permision
  4. Wait a minute, the camera will open automatically in the Browser. Just scan the barcode at the bottom of the certificate.
  5. Now you can see the results of your certificate verification in seconds.

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Verify Genuine COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

Note: Do this if your camera is not open or if there is no option to get the camera’s permission. Firstly, open your phone settings. After that, go to App Management. Now search for Chrome or the Browser, from where you want to scan and verify the barcode of the certificate. Also, you can long-press Chrome or the Browser and click on app info. Finally, scroll down, click on permission management, and grant or allow the camera permission here. From now on, after clicking on the scan button, the camera will open. Open the verify page of the Cowin COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. Click on Scan QR Code. Hopefully this time you will not have any difficulty in scanning the QR code. Point the camera in your certificate’s QR Code. In seconds you will get the result of your certificate is valid or not.

Official Website
Verify Certificate Barcode
Download Vaccine Certificate

What to do if you got Camera is not able to read the QR code notice?

  1. Open phone settings
  2. Go to App Management
  3. Search for Chrome or the Browser, from where you want to scan
  4. Also, you can long-press Chrome or the Browser on app menu and click on app info
  5. Click on permission management
  6. Grant or allow the camera permission here
  7. Now open the browser or Chrome and go to the verify page.
  8. From now on, after clicking on the scan button, the camera will open.

What to do if you got Certificate Invalid message?

Verify Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

First of all, try to scan again the certificate’s QR code. If not then, again try to Download the Cowin Vaccine certificate from here. After that, scan the QR code. You can scan this QR code from another mobile or also you can scan it after printing. Hope you get Certificate Successfully Verified message.

Also if you get the Certificate Invalid message then you have to visit some government offices. Here is the list of the offices and what you have to do in the offices below.

OfficesYou have to do
Your Vaccination CentreAsk them that your certificate is showing invalid on the Cowin verification page.

How to verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Offline verification through third party verifier app

This service is for developers who want to make their own app or website for verification of Cowin certificate. AirLine or RailWay can integrate the verification process of the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in their own app or website. So, they can approve tickets instantly without any manual verification. Read the Offline verification through a third-party verifier app for making your own web app. Still, if you are an expert, then follow these quick steps to make this web app and verify the Cowin certificate.

  • View the sorce code in GitHub
  • Replace the public key used in code snippet with this Public key
  • Implement the verification service in your web app to scan, read and validate Vaccine certificates.

Why do you need to verify the COVID-19 Vaccine certificate?

There are two important reasons to verify this certificate:

1. As an ordinary citizen or buyer, you should know if your certificate is correct or not

2. Also, the public office of the railway airline and airports should also check whether the vaccine certificates of their employees or customers are genuine.

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