5 Simple Steps to Transfer Member to New Number on Cowin

Here are the 5 simple steps to transfer member to new number on Cowin‘s official website. If you registered a member on your number and now you want to transfer the member to his/her own number, then this tutorial is very helpful for you.

In this tutorial, we will talk about how you can transfer a member from your account to a new account or also in an old account. You can do this with just your mobile. You don’t even need a computer for fixing these types of issues.

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Transfer Member to New Number

  1. Login to the account from where you want to transfer the member
  2. Then click on Raise an Issues button
  3. After that click on the Transfer a member to new mobile number option
  4. Select a member to Transfer
  5. Enter new mobile number
  6. Tick the check box and click continue
  7. Enter OTP which sent to you new mobile number
  8. Click on submit request
  9. Finally the Member transferred successfully to new account

Detailed Tutorial for Transfer Member to New Number

After following the above tutorial, if you can’t transfer a member to new number, then keep reading this for a detailed tutorial. Now we are going to give you step-by-step details to transfer a member to a new number easily.

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Log in to the Cowin account

First of all, click here to open the official website of Cowin. Click on Sign In/Register. Enter your mobile number and click Get OTP. Make sure you have logged in to the mobile number where have the member you want to transfer. Also note, you can only transfer vaccinated members. You can’t transfer the member who just registered and did not get any vaccine.

Raise an Issues

You need to click on the Raise an Issues button to get the transfer member to a new number option. So click on the Raise an Issues button. After that here have some issues which you can apply and fix. We want to transfer our members to a new number so we have to choose transfer member to new number.

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Transfer a Member to New Mobile Number

After clicking transfer member to new number, you need to select the user and enter a new mobile number. Under member details, click select a member to transfer. After clicking select member, it will show you the members list of your account. Choose the member name which you want to transfer.

Then, here have the details of your current mobile number and a box for entering a new mobile number. Just enter the new mobile number in the box. After that, tick the checkbox of the agreement. Finally, click on the continue button.

Check your new number for the OTP sent by Cowin. Enter the OTP on the Cowin page and click on Submit Request. Finally, you will get the message that Member Transferred Successfully. Now you can log in to your new number on Cowin, and you can see the transferred member is here.

Important Note

  1. You can’t transfer non-vaccinated candidates. You can only transfer vaccinated candidates.
  2. This is an instant transfering method, so if once you transfered a member then you can’t revert it back.

Hope this article of transfer member to new number on the Cowin is very helpful for you. Also, I hope I make this tutorial easy for beginners to understand. Also read, How to make Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop?

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