How to Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Offline Mode easily?

Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in offline mode? is it possible? The answer is yes. You can do registration in offline mode near the vaccination center or any health center in your area.

In rural areas like villages, there are fewer cyber cafes or online centers. So villagers can apply for registration by visiting near health centers easily.

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Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in offline mode

  1. Visit nearest Vaccine Centre or Health Centre
  2. Ask them for make a COVID-19 vaccine registration for you
  3. Then they will ask you for Aadhar Card and a Mobile number
  4. After then they will tell you a date and place for your appointment.
  5. Now you registered .Go to vaccination centre in mentioned date with Aadhar Card.

Note: You can use any photo identity proof for this registration. Also, they can give you a recipe which you have to carry at the date of the appointment.

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Download Vaccine Certificate

Alternative Method for Registration

Here is an alternative method organized by some local health centers. You don’t need to do anything, health workers will contact you.

How Health Workers Organized?

Local health workers of your nearest health center have a list of all villagers. They filter the list and make 20 or 30 appointments per day. So they will contact you as soon as they reach your name on their list. In this way, you can register for COVID-19 Vaccination in offline mode. After that, you only need to go to the vaccination center with an Aadhar card.

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