How to make Digital Vaccine Certificate like Aadhar or PAN card with Mobile?

Make Digital Vaccine Certificate like Aadhar card or PAN card with Mobile. In the previous article, we knew How to Download the COVID-19 vaccination Certificate? Now we are going to learn how to make a pocket-friendly Digital Vaccine Certificate.

You can also use an Internation COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. But I think this is not so much useful. Because in other countries you need to show the original certificate, not any edited version. You can use this digital card to quickly prove your vaccination status. But in office work, you need to submit the original certificate printout.

How to make Digital Vaccine Certificate with Mobile?

Hope you already downloaded the PDF of the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate from Cowin‘s official website. Now we need to convert the PDF to image format for editing. You can use any tool for converting PDF to image.

PDF to Image Convert

I personally love to use SmallPDF online tool for converted images quality. If you want to follow me then click here to open SmallPDF’s PDF to the JPG compressor page. Now upload your certificate’s PDF here by clicking choose file. Select Convert entire page and click choose option.

Then wait until you got the download button. Now click on the download drop down and choose the save to device option to download the converted images. It will start downloading a zip file. In this zip have the converted images of your certificate.

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Extract Converted zip

Extract the zip file from your file manager. Most modern mobile phones have the features to unzip or extract in the system file manager. If you don’t have the option to extract then you need to download an app from the google play store.

ZArchiver is one of the best apps for extracting zip files. Download ZArchiver from Google Play Store or click here to download. After installing go to the folder where have the zip file. Now click the zip file and click extract here. Finally, you got the certificate image.

Make Digital Vaccine Certificate

In the second step, you need a photo editor app to make Digital Vaccine Certificate. You can use any photo editor, but here I used PixelLab. You can download it from Google Play Store easily or click here to download it.

Now open PixelLab and hit allow to give this app permission. Click on the 4th icon which has in below. Now click the color and choose white as a background color. Here we can’t choose transparent, in transparent we can’t edit properly. So choose the white color and click the tick to apply.

After that, we need to set the image size like A4 paper. So click on 3 dot which is on the upper right side and click on image size. Select preset as the custom then enter width 2480 and height 3508, now hit ok. This is the size of A4 paper in pixels.

Now click the +(plus) button which is on the upper left side and click the from gallery option. After that choose your certificate image. Now select the only proper white area and hit tick. Select the image and set the relative size option. Turn off enabled tick then set width 48% and height 20%, now click the tick to apply. Now set relative position to top left. After that just apply position 6px right and 6px down.

Add again certificate image from +(plus) and this time only corp the gray area or QR code area of the certificate. Set relative size the same as before. Set width as 48% and height as 20%. For this set relative position to top right. And give 6px position from left and down. In this way, you can make digital vaccine certificate.

We are almost done, now add shadow to each part of this image to make digital vaccine certificate attractive. Just click the first image, go to shadow and click on enable. Do it with the second one also. By default, it will give you a great shadow effect.

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Save and Print Digital Vaccine Certificate

Finally, we make digital vaccine certificate like PAN cards or ATM cards on mobile. Now we have to just save it and print it out. So now click the 3 dot which is on the upper right side. Then click the export image. Here leave the format like JPG, quality custom by default, and click the SAVE TO GALLERY option. Now you have the edited image in your gallery or file manager. You can print the image directly from your mobile phone or you can use a computer to do it.

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