How to make Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop?

Today we are going to learn how to make a Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop easily. Previously we already learn how to make Digital Vaccine Certificate with Mobile. But with the mobile editor, we can’t set the proper size for our Digital Vaccine Certificate.

We can set the proper size for Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop. So after reading this article you can easily make and print this digital vaccine certificate with your computer. Also know, How to Download the COVID-19 vaccination Certificate?

Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop

We are going to make this Digital Vaccine Certificate step by step. First of all, we convert the PDF of the certificate to an image. Secondly, take a proper canvas size of photoshop. Then we make two cards for the front and backside. In the end, we will drag and drop the certificate to the main canvas.

PDF to Image Convert

Hope you all already downloaded the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate from Cowin‘s official website. Now you have the PDF of your certificate. So we need to convert the PDF to an image for editing in photoshop. You can use any PDF converter tool for this. I personally recommend you to use SmallPDF online tool. It gives the best quality of your converted image from a PDF.

For using the SmallPDF online tool open the official website Click the Explore All PDF Tools from the SmallPDF homepage. Then choose PDF to JPG option. Or click here to open the PDF to JPG converter page. Now simply drag and drop the certificate’s PDF on this page, or you can click the Choose File option to upload your PDF. After uploading just wait a moment and you will get the download option. Finally, click the Download dropdown and choose the save to device option to download the converted images.

But the downloaded file is a zip file. You need to extract the file to get your certificate images. Hope you already know how to extract or unzip. If you don’t know then simply right-click the zip file you get an option extract here option. Just click on this option you will get the certificate images.

Canvas Size of Photoshop

Now we are going to make the Digital Vaccine certificate with Photoshop. First of all, we need a canvas work area matched with the page size that we will use to print. I am going to use an A4 size paper to print it so I will take the A4 page size as Canvas size.

First, open photoshop and click Create new or press CTRL+N. Now set the width as 2480 and the height as 3508 in pixels. Leave resolution 300 as default and click ok. Now we got the A4 page as a canvas area in photoshop.

If we make the digital vaccine certificate with photoshop like this, then we can easily print it out in any A4 size paper. You can set canvas size according to your page size.

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Card’s Template

We should make the digital vaccine certificate with photoshop like a PAN card or an ATM card. Like rounded corner and all those things. So now we need to make the proper size outline first. There is an easy way to make this.

Pick the Rounded Rectangle tool from photoshop. If you don’t have the rounded rectangle tool selected then press the drop-down and select the rounded rectangle tool. Now click on the white page. Set the width as 1016 px and the height as 630 px. Also, set all the Radius as 30 px and click ok. Click the move tool and move the rectangle to the top left area. You need one more rectangle like this. You can copy or make another one in the same process. Make another one and move it to the top right area.

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Open and Crop Certificate

Open the certificate image in new canvas by drag and drop or CTRL+N. Now press C or click the crop tool. We need to crop the upper side to set as from page of the digital vaccine certificate with photoshop. Now in the upper area just enter the ratio 1016 and 630. Select all the details section and press enter or right-click then click crop.

Now pick the move tool and drag and drop the cropped area to our main canvas. Now also crop the back area or QR code area with the same process and move the QR code area also to our main canvas.

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Insert into Card’s Template

You can see the certificate images are too big than the rectangle. So we need to make small them. To make them small select the layers and press CTRL+T. Press and hold the Alt key to make it small without losing height and width. Adjust it in the rectangle. Now right-click on the layer and create a clipping mask. Make sure your first layer is after the first rounded rectangle tool. Then adjust it again by pressing CTRL+T.

In this same way set the back area or QR code area. Make sure your second layer is after the second rounded rectangle tool. Then create a clipping mask and adjust.

Double click the Rounded Rectangle Layer to add shadow and border. Tick the Drop Shadow checkbox, set shadow size 20, and click ok. Also, set the same for the second rounded rectangle. I will recommend you to use only shadow.

Save the Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop

Finally, now we can save the photo to our computer and print it later. Just click on the file then go to export and click quick export as PNG. Choose location enter filename and click Save. Now you can print it at any time from your file explorer.

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Print the Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop

Also, we can print directly the Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop easily. Just press CTRL+P or click on the file and choose the print. Now you have to make changes to your print settings. Like you have to choose A4 paper size and all those things. Finally, simply click the Print button to print the Digital Vaccine Certificate with Photoshop.

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