How to download COVID vaccine International certificate?

COVID vaccine International certificate Download easily with 5 simple steps. Nowadays, to get plane tickets and a passport you need this COVID-19 Vaccine International certificate. If you don’t have an international vaccination certificate you can’t purchase a plane ticket.

After reading this article you can easily apply for an International vaccination certificate. Then you can download this certificate in PDF. Follow below’s 5 easy steps to apply and download the COVID vaccine International Certificate.

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COVID Vaccine International Certificate Download

  1. Login to Cowin website with OTP
  2. Choose International Travel Certificate under show certificate section
  3. Click on Download and choose member, enter date of birth with passport number*
  4. Tick the agreement and click Submit Request
  5. After waiting some time, click on Download International Travel Certificate.

*Before clicking submit double check your fill details. If you enter the wrong details in this section then you need to contact them for solving. So please check all details before you submit.

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Add Passport Details to Vaccination Certificate

First, we discuss how to get a COVID-19 Vaccine International Travel Certificate and Download. This is the same thing. When you apply for a COVID-19 Vaccine International Travel Certificate, it’s ask for a passport number, date of birth, and also member name. In this way, we already added our Passport Details to the Vaccination Certificate.

Even if you can’t apply for COVID Vaccine International Certificate or can’t add passport details to the vaccination certificate then keep reading. Now we are going to give you a detailed tutorial on this.

Detailed tutorial on Add Passport Details to COVID Vaccine International Certificate

We all know that we need to open Cowin’s official website for any COVID-related works. So first of all click here to open Cowin’s official website. After that, click on Register / Sign In. Now enter your registered mobile number which you gave to vaccinating center. After entering the registered mobile number click on Get OTP. Check your SMS on mobile for an OTP from Cowin. If you received the OTP in SMS, then enter the OTP on Cowin’s website and click on Submit. Finally, we are successfully logged in to our Cowin’s profile. Now we can do anything related to COVID Vaccine Certificate.

Now we have two methods to add passport details to the COVID-19 Vaccine International Certificate. The first one is from the Raise an Issue section and the second one is from the Download certificate section. The two methods are almost similar and correct. You can use any one of the methods to add passport details to the COVID Vaccine Certificate.

Raise an Issue

Firstly we need to log in to Cowin’s official website which I told before. Hope you call logged in to the official website. Now just click on Raise an Issue in Account Details. After that choose Add Passport Details to my vaccination certificate. Note here only fully vaccinated people can update date of birth and existing photo identity to passport number to get International Certificate. If you are fully vaccinated then apply for this, otherwise you can’t apply.

Now just simply choose the member name, enter his/her date of birth and enter the passport number. Please double-check entered details before submitting. If you entered the wrong details then you may have a problem. After double-checking information ticks the agreement and clicks on submit button.

Note: You can not make changes to the passport details after submitting this request. Make sure that your entered details declare that this passport belongs to the beneficiary. The name of the passport holder is the same as mentioned on the vaccine certificate.

Finally after submitting you need to wait sometime. If it’s approved automatically then you can download the international certificate easily from the show certificate section. If there have some trouble with your details then it may be delayed or got disapproved.

In this method, you can download COVID vaccine International certificate. Also, this method added your passport details to your vaccination certificate.

Show/Download Certificate section

This second method you can use for downloading COVID vaccine International certificate and also for adding passport details. Even though it is the same as the first method, I am telling you how to do it.

First of all, log in to the official Cowin’s website. I think you all already know the process of logging in. Now click on the show certificate below your details. If you have multiple members in your number then click on the show certificate below the member’s details. Now choose International Travel Certificate and click download.

Now you have a similar form to apply and download the COVID vaccine International certificate. Here simply choose the member name. Enter his/her date of birth and Passport number. Double-check the entered details and click on Submit Request. After some time you got an SMS from Cowin. Finally, now you can download the COVID vaccine International certificate.

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