How to register or Book an Appointment on Cowin for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

If you don’t vaccinated yet then register or book an Appointment on Cowin for COVID-19 Vaccine with these simple steps. If you want to register for one of your family members then this tutorial is for you.

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Today in this article, we will learn how to apply for a COVID-19 Vaccine in a fresh account. Also, we discuss how to apply from your registered account of Cowin and apply for your family members. Here below is the step-by-step tutorial on registration for the COVID-19 Vaccine. So without any do let’s get started.

Book an Appointment on Cowin

  1. Open Register or Sign In for Vaccination official website
  2. Enter your mobile number* and login via verifing OTP
  3. Now click on register** new members
  4. Select any Photo ID proof*** and enter the ID proof number
  5. Enter your name as in selected Photo ID proof
  6. Select gender and enter Year of Birth as in ID proof
  7. Now click on register and then click on schedule
  8. Now enter you Area PIN code and click on search
  9. Filter**** this as your age, vaccine name and paid or free
  10. Choose one of your nearest and available time then enter capcha and click confirm.

* You can use your new number to register for the vaccine here. Also, if you are already an old user then you can Book an Appointment on Cowin with your old registered number in the same process.

** One 18 year to 44 age group can register via this online method for now.

*** Here you can choose any Photo ID proof for booking appointments. If you choose the Aadhar card as your photo id proof then you need to carry the Aadhar card, when you will get the vaccine. Also, you need to enter your Name, and Birth Year same as in your Aadhar Card.

**** You have to filter this section as your age, which vaccine you want, and also paid service or free service to book an appointment on Cowin properly. Then you need to choose the available date and vaccination center.

Step-by-Step tutorial on registration for vaccine

If you have some doubt after reading the above 10 steps then here I am going to give you a detailed and step-by-step tutorial on this.

Register or Sign In for Vaccination

At first, you need to register your fresh number or sign in with your old number on Cowin official website. So, click here to open the Cowin’s Register or Sign In for Vaccination official page. Then enter your mobile number and click on get OTP. Now check your mobile for the SMS which was sent by Cowin. Enter the OTP and click on Verify and Proceed. Finally, you are successfully logged in on Cowin’s official website.

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Register Members

You can only add 4 members for vaccination in one number. You can click Register Member to book an appointment on Cowin for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are an old user and you have 1 or 2 members in your number then you can also use this method.

Note, If you have 4 members in your account then please register with a new number and then try to add. Because you can’t add more than 4 members in one number. Also, you can only register for those members who are in the 18-44 age group for now.

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After clicking on register member, first, choose a Photo ID proof. I recommend you to choose the Aadhar card because all members have an Aadhar card. Then enter your Aadhar card number or your photo ID number which you choose. Also fill in your name, gender, and birth year. Make sure this is as in your Aadhar card or photo ID. Now click on register.

After clicking on register now you have successfully added the member to your account. Now you can also add another member to your account with this same process. Or you can click the schedule below the member’s details to book an appointment on Cowin.

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Choose Vaccine and vaccination center

Click the schedule button, then you can find your nearest vaccination center with your PIN code or choose the city. Now filter this list according to your requirements. First, you need to choose your age filter. Secondly, choose the vaccine name which you want. Lastly, choose which service you want paid or free.

Basically, the free service is given by a Government hospital and paid service is by Public Hospital. After filtering the list choose an available date and the nearest hospital or vaccination center. After that select a time slot to book an appointment on Cowin for the vaccine. Finally, enter the captcha or security code that is in the image and click confirm.

In this way, you can book an appointment on Cowin for the COVID-19 vaccine. You must carry the Photo ID proof or Aadhar card to the vaccination center to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, you need to download the appointment’s recipe and print it out. Some vaccination centers can ask you for your appointment recipe.

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